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About Ask On Data

Ask On Data is a product of Helical IT Solutions. At Helical, we have been fortunate to be part of various projects wherein we worked with various ETL / Data Engineering tools to do work like Data Loading/Migration, Data Warehouse population, Data Lake population, Data cleaning etc. After being part of more than 80+ implementations we kept on facing similar issues while doing the implementations

All of these ETL tools which we used comes with their own inherent problems which includes:

– Very high licensing cost involved.

– Steep learning curve no matter what an ETL tool says

– Can only be used by Data Engineers.

-Time consuming to develop any data pipeline. This is causing backlog of work and delays.

– Requires knowledge of programming language like SQL, Python, Scala etc

– Limited bandwidth/Data Engineering resources causing delay in other work

A lot of these Date Engineering tools are also legacy tools which have were develop long before AI technologies became mature.Hence the people who can use these Data Engineering tools were only Data Engineers which caused a bottleneck. This delayed a lot of work for Data Scientists (who need clean processed data), BI developers (who need calculated data in reporting DB/DW), Business analyst etc.

Keeping these thought in mind we had started work on Ask On Data.

Ask On Data revolutionizes data pipelines creation by introducing the world's first NLP and AI-based Data Engineering tool. Serving as an AI assistant for data-related tasks, it simplifies the entire process data pipeline process, eliminating/reducing the need for data engineers.

Product Features

(a) With a simple chat interface, it ensures there is no learning curve required. It is empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to harness the power of data effortlessly.

b) No technical knowledge required. Simply type and you can create your data pipelines.

(c) Super fast speed of development at the speed of typing. On an average you can save 92% of time in creating pipelines as compared to other Data Engineering/ETL tools

(d) With its intuitive chat-based interface, Ask On Data ensures a seamless user experience, requiring no prior knowledge of complex languages like SQL or Python. Users can effortlessly clean, transform, and process data, accelerating the journey towards ML, AI, or further analysis.

Register and give it a try now. If you don’t see any DB support/ any transformation support/ any new feature or looking for partnership etc please reach out on

Accelerate your journey from raw data to impactful business outcomes at lightning speed with Ask On Data. Experience a revolutionary approach that delivers results 100 times faster. Don't wait, unlock the power of data-driven success today’s

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