Definition: This function can allow you to sort the data in ascending or descending order. This sorting can be applied on date, date time, numbers and text types also.

However in case if you are applying sorting on date/datetime column make sure the data type is in correct format otherwise instead of arranging in chronological order it might get sorted in alphabetical order. Cast can be used to change the datatype and then sorting can be applied in such cases, if required.

Example: We are sorting based full_name. In a similar way you can sort on other data types also.

Sort full_name in descending order

where in we are sorting full_name column so that the data appears in descending order.


Note 1

: If you have entered some command on Ask On Data and it is asking for variables/input for that command but you want to abort that operation, then simply type "Abort".

Note 2

We will keep on retraining Ask On Data ML algorithm, hence its accuracy will keep on increasing and it will be capable of understanding more syntaxes in simple language.

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